1) Get the word out IMMEDIATELY by using social media & hang flyers with a picture  of the pet and your phone number.  Check your phone often to see if anyone has tried to contact you. 

If your pet was lost in the city of Pembroke Pines, contact the Pembroke Pines Police Department (954-431-2200)  to report them LOST. Keep checking the Pooches in Pines Website, Facebook Page and Instagram page.


2) If you have lost your pet outside of Pembroke Pines, contact your local police department to report your dog missing and to see if they have picked up your dog. 


3) Contact BROWARD COUNTY ANIMAL CARE AND ADOPTION CENTER and check their website frequently! Click HERE to go to their website.


4) Notify any person assisting you in your search not to chase after your dog if they see him/her. Your dog may already be scared and chasing will only prolong your search. Make sure other parties notify YOU (the owner) and have them sit or lay down without making eye contact and gently toss out treats to try and lure the dog in.


5) Post your pet on all social media pages, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Nextdoor app, RING app, pawboost.com, Craigslist and any other listings online and otherwise!