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Adoptable Dogs

Click HERE to see our dogs that are available for adoption!


If you're interested in adopting or fostering any of our dogs, please fill out an application here


A volunteer from Pooches in Pines will be in contact with you regarding your application and/or to set up a meet and greet & home check! Please be patient as the process can take a few days for us to respond. If we have many applicants for the same dog, there is a possibility we may not contact every applicant. 

Thank you!

We strive to match our dogs with families or individuals who are familiar with the breed. Most dogs have a high curiosity and activity level and require lots of attention, training, and exercise! We hope that by completing an application that you are as committed as we are to providing a safe and loving home - and that you are ready to welcome a rescue dog into your home as a trued family member.


Foster/Adoption Application 

*Adoption fees: subject to change*

Pitbulls & large dogs over 41 lbs- $250

Dogs 40lbs or less- $300

-What is an adoption fee?

Adoption fees, also known as "Rehoming fees", help offset the costs that animal programs incur while a dog is in their care. Some of these costs are as follows:  Veterinary expenses, microchipping, spaying/neutering, flea and tick medication, heartworm prevention, bloodwork, food, transportation, and much more.  Animal programs spend much more money on a dog than they ask for when adopting out. The adoption fees are paid directly to Pooches in Pines, INC at the time of adoption.

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