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This page is dedicated to our special pooches that have left their paw prints on our hearts. Some unfortunately never got a chance at a forever family but instead, crossed over the rainbow bridge a little too soon. At least we know that we showed them the love they greatly deserved at the end of their lives. We love every rescue and these are just a few very unique ones that we want to memorialize in a special way. 

Rest in Peace, Our Fur Babies


Abby pic_edited.jpg
abbey w bros.JPG
abbey face.JPG
October 2012

Our precious girl Abbey never got the chance to get adopted, but she did get into an amazing foster home with one of our officers and his family.  She was blind and had cancer which eventually spread to all four lymph nodes.  We were able to help extend her life with one treatment, but when it returned even more aggressively and her quality of life was diminished, we had no choice but to make the heartbreaking decision to end her suffering. At the end of her life, we were grateful that at least she was off the streets and knew what it was like to be truly loved!

Rest in Peace,  Abbey - we love you!
May 6, 2013
Here's our old man, Viejo. He never got adopted but also got into an amazing home with one of our great fosters! He was an older dog so they knew it was probably a long term foster situation and they fell in love with him right away. As his health deteriorated they continued to care for him as if he was their own.  Finally that time came, the time every animal owner dreads. Only this was harder, they were away on vacation and didn't even have a chance to say their goodbyes to little Viejo.  It's never easy but we all know he KNEW he was loved as he showed them love day in and day out!

Rest in Peace, Viejo - we love you!



Bailey giving paw_edited.jpg

Bailey giving paw_edited.jpg

Baileys heart shaped tongue.jpg

Baileys heart shaped tongue.jpg

Bailey paw print_edited.jpg

Bailey paw print_edited.jpg



Bailey memorial pic aug 24 2014.jpg

Bailey memorial pic aug 24 2014.jpg

February 13, 2015
It's an extremely sad day for the Pooches in Pines family along with those at Davie Creek Animal Hospital. We are sad to say that our sweet boy Tux has crossed the rainbow bridge today in a very unexpected way. His heartworm treatments were going so well but Dr. Higgins noticed that Tux was in pain and something just wasn't right. It seemed that Tux's liver was failing and his body was just shutting down. Despite Dr. Higgins giving birth to her son a week prior, she came in to try and save sweet Tux as everyone at Davie Creek had fallen in love with him during his recovery time there. Unfortunately, Dr. Higgins performed surgery and saw a large mass which, combined with the pain he was in, a difficult decision was made to end his suffering. We all realize we can't save them all but this is the hard part of rescue and our hearts ache today for poor Tux who desperately deserved that second chance at a better life. We are SO grateful for the staff at Davie Creek Animal Hospital for showing Tux love in his last few weeks of life!
Rest in Peace,  Tux - we love you!
August 24, 2014
With heavy hearts the Pooches in Pines family is very sad to say that our gorgeous princess Bailey passed away last night. It seems she has had heartworms for much longer than anticipated. We appreciate all the support & donations on her behalf & trust that they will be used to help our other fur babies. Bailey was such a sweet & loving dog & you would have never known anything was wrong with her. Please use her passing as a reminder to never let your pets heartworm medicine lapse, as it's a silent killer!
Rest in Peace Bailey, we love you sweet girl!




September 22, 2016
When we got the call that Mason had crossed the rainbow bridge it hit us all very hard.  Mason came to us an old and abandoned guy with a broken soul.  We knew we had to find just the right home that could care for him and show him the love that he deserved after his previous family left him at a dog park.  Michelle had been following our page for awhile and said Mason just spoke to her through his pictures.  She drove here from Ocala to meet him and it was love at first sight.  She didnt have Mason long, less than a year actually, but that didnt change their special bond.  The sweet boy that pulled her heart strings through pictures was suffering and in pain beyond help.  
Michelle is a special adopter to us because she only adopts senior dogs and gives them the special love they need.  After some healing she took in another of our senior dogs and they are living happily in the country!
Rest in Peace,  Mason - we love you!  
July 7, 2018
Our Officers found Winston on the side of the road, left for dead.  They refused to let that be this sweet dog's fate and rushed him for medical care.   While at the clinic someone fell madly in love with him and decided no matter what she was adopting him.  Winston had many medical issues, one being cancer in his leg.  They wound up amputating his leg and became lovingly know as Winston the Tripod.  He was adjusting well to his new home when he suddenly was having problems getting up and moving.  His owners found out the cancer had spread to his back and was growing too fast for any treatment.  They had to make the hardest decision to end his suffering but not before having a professional photo shoot to remember this awesome dog in all his glory.  Winston, you fought a hard battle from the first night we met you but were lucky to know love like never before. 
Run pain free now sweet boy.
Rest in Peace,  Winston - we love you!


June 19, 2020

The Pooches family has had a rough day. Back in March we received a sweet little girl that we named Fiona whom came to us in horrible shape. With the help of many, she was cleaned up and found a great foster home. Within the past couple months and many doctors visits, Fiona had many more issues than the eye can see. These were from the neglect of her past. Last night she took a turn for the worst regarding Pyometra and we had to make the difficult decision to put Fiona to sleep due to that one of many reasons.

We're all heartbroken but we couldn't let her suffer any more. Even though she never found her forever home, she lived so happily for the past 3 months with her foster mom, brothers and sisters.
Run pain free and happy sweet girl. We hope you know how much you were loved.

Rest in Peace, Fiona - We love you!


December 17, 2020
Zen was found out west by one of our patrol officers. He was in bad shape, with burnt and bloody paws. Another of our officer’s happened to be at the police station when Zen arrived and it was love at first sight. He knew he had to take him home and that they would love him like he deserved. Once we got him checked out, the vet found he had a serious case of heartworms. Zen recovered and aside from being terrified of storms he turned out to be a great dog with a humongous personality!
Recently Zen started having some neurological issues with unfortunately no positive recovery options. He was having episodes which included seizures sometimes lasting anywhere from 1 to 4 hours. He was getting progressively worse as time went on. Last week he had an episode that lasted approximately 72 hours.  Zen’s vet said she felt he was probably in more pain than he was letting on so the painful decision was made to relieve his suffering.
Zen was an amazing dog that loved everyone, kids, other dogs, cats…. EVERYONE! Because of this he was often brought out to events to show how gentle and loving pit bulls can be. His parents gave him a great life for 8 ½ years after his previous owners basically threw him out like yesterday’s trash. Those first few years of his life were obviously not full of love like his last years. He loved to just hang out with his mom and dad and had amazing fur siblings that he is now playing with at the rainbow bridge. 
Zen here’s one last kiss from us to you…now you can go run pain free…

Rest in Peace, Zen - We love you!


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