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"Saving Maverick"

"Saving Maverick"

On May 15th, Pembroke Pines Police officers were dispatched to the parking lot of an abandoned building in reference to an injured loose dog. When the officer arrived, he found a small, 3-4 month old puppy beat up and dragging it's rear leg. The puppy was rushed over to our emergency vet where they immediately began treatment.

   After many x-rays and bloodwork, the puppy, named Maverick, has a tibia fracture AND a fibula fracture. He is also being treated for multiple infected wounds and lacerations over his body. The doctor says the injury appears to be from hard blunt force trauma and is not new as the injuries are already infected and necrotic. He was put on lots of meds, IV fluids and a catheter. After surgery, Maverick will have a LONG road to recovery and we cannot do this without your help. He will also need a foster home to recover in when released from the hospital.

   As much as we want to save this babies leg, there's too much risk of infection spreading, leading to further complications. Other than the two bone fractures, he has many open, deep wounds on both legs that are badly infected with lots of necrotic tissue. The chances of infection by surgical repair are too high and will result in a too difficult recovery and infection spreading through his small body.

   On May 18th, Maverick gave it all he's got and went through an amputation surgery and now is when the recovery begins! 

His doctor says the surgery went as planned and he did very well. He's on some good pain meds and antibiotics so we're just waiting for the okay to go visit him. For now, he needs some food and rest....until he realizes something that was there earlier, may not be there now.

Maverick will need constant bandage changes for his infected wounds and will remain in the hospital for a few more days to get his strength back and infections under control.

May 22nd, Maverick will be looking for his forever home. 

May 31, Maverick has been released from the hospital and off to his FUREVER HOME!

Pooches in Pines was featured on the Here's Help Radio Show on Y-100
July 26, 2015
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Pembroke Pines Police Providing Pooches a Lifeline

Thursday, Aug 21, 2014.


The following article relates the story of Tammy Moses, who was reunited with her dog Gypsy, a German Shepherd mix. Gypsy was stolen from Moses’s home at a very difficult time for she and her family. Click here to read the full article.

Sulcata tortoise spends time with Pooches in Pines before reuniting with family

September 3, 2014


Slim, the 50 pound Sulcata tortoise, was taken in by Pooches in Pines while attempting to cross NW 185 Avenue in Pembroke Pines. Slim was quickly reunited with his family despite the numerous potential families willing to rehome him. To read the full story, click here.


Video Captures As Driver Stops Vehicle, Abandons Dogs In Need Of Veterinary Help In Pembroke Pines

July 22, 2021


A residents doorbell camera captured a heartbreaking moment a driver stops in the roadway and abandons a small Jack Russell and a German Shepherd in the middle of the street, alone and confused. To read the full story, click here.

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