Adoptable Dogs

All the dogs on this page are available for adoption! If you're interested in adopting or fostering any of them , please fill out an application here. 


A volunteer from Pooches in Pines will be in contact with you regarding your application and/or to set up a meet and greet & home check! Please be patient as the process can take a few days for us to respond. 

Thank you!


Say hello to our sweet girl, Abby. Abby was found wandering alone last month and despite our best efforts, her family was never located. She's a small 10 lb Chihuahua and is about 10 years old. After a vet visit, the vets stated she has a grade 5-6 heart murmur and will need to remain on medication for the rest of her life.  She does not display any symptoms and acts like a puppy. 

In the meantime, she scored an amazing foster home. She has many fur friends to play with and an amazing mom who loves to take her to her softball practices and hang out with her on the couch. Foster mom says she's a little shadow and follows her all around the house whenever she's home. Abby loves her other dogs and she gets along great with cats too! She's even been around a tortoise!

Not only is she a super duper sweet lady, she LOVES to sleep! How great, right?!



Meet Angel!

Angel is a sweet mixed breed (we're guessing a Shepherd/Collie mix) who weighs 53 lbs and is about 6-7 years old. Angel was a bit timid when she came in but when she realized we were there to be friends, she warmed up and turned into a fun loving gal. Angel gets super excited when she sees the leash and loves going outside. Unfortunately, her vet visit confirmed that she is Heartworm positive and will require a  strenuous treatment. Luckily, Angel is not showing any symptoms of this so we are hopeful for a nice successful recovery, that will be covered by Pooches in Pines $$. 

While walking on leash, she is very reactive towards cats and small critters so she'd do best without either of them in a home. Angel seems dog selective so a meet n greet is definitely  necessary. 

Angel is up to date on vaccines, microchipped, and we believe she is  spayed.


Meet our Sweetie Pie, Belle!

Belle is definitely the life of the party and dresses to impress... I mean, look at that eye shadow! This sweet girl is a Pitbull, estimated to be around 5 years old and weighs 63 lbs. She loves every person she meets and appears to get along well with other dogs. Belle is definitely a water dog and loves playing in water and getting sprayed with the hose; she takes baths very well.  She has received all her vaccines, was microchipped and has a clean bill of health! Belle's had a few litters in the past and very soon, she'll be thanking us because she's now scheduled to get spayed in the next couple weeks!

You will fall in love with Belle immediately...but be prepared to receive LOTS of kisses and give LOTS of belly rubs. That's all she wants!


Meet Charlie-Baxter!

This poor soul was found wandering down in Hialeah and he appears like he's had a pretty rough life. He was found with an injury to his left eye which we are now treating. Charlie is a young boy at only 3 years old and weighs 60 lbs. He is up to date on vaccines and was just neutered! Since being with us, we haven't seen a mean bone in Charlie's body and all he wants is love. Can too many kisses ever be...too much?...Charlie doesn't seem to think so. Although he has a few scars and scabs from his old life, Charlie will only feel love from here on out. Charlie seems to get along with other dogs but we're unsure about our feline friends... he's interested in cats and pulls on leash when he sees one. Charlie does well in the car and always enjoys the company. We think Charlie would be an amazing family dog and wonderful companion for anyone looking for a cuddle buddy. 


Say hello to Mr. Finn!

This gorgeous, sweet soul was found tied to a tree in late September when a good Samaritan found him, untied him and brought him to us. After being unable to find Finn's previous family, he is now searching for a new, furever home!

Finn is a large breed Greyhound mix, weighing in at 63 lbs and is about 5 years old. Finn loves being outside and exploring. He walks well on leash, and car rides are his favorite! Finn can be a bit shy meeting new people at first but once he's given a treat and a short ear scratch, you'll become instant friends. 


Finn is a low maintenance guy with a calm and quiet demeanor. He is 100% house broken and can be left with free run of the house for hours. He is not destructive, doesn't chew or get onto your furniture (without being asked) and does not bark; he may whine when you leave but he just lays down and waits for you to come back. Finn loves attention and will be your loyal companion. He gets along well with kids, especially when they drop food on the floor ;) and Finn would make a great addition to any family.

 All of us here at Pooches have fallen deeply in love with him and anyone who gives him a chance, will be the luckiest person. 

Finn is neutered, up to date on vaccines, and is microchipped. Unfortunately, Finn has tested positive for Heartworms, so he is now undergoing treatment, which is completely covered by Pooches in Pines. Finn doesn't show any symptoms and we expect him to be treated and to be in tip-top shape  in no time! Due to his heartworm treatment, Finn needs a home where he can have restricted activity (short walks only) and not elevate his heart rate until his treatment is over (approximately 6-9 months) . 

Finn is so deserving of a furever home...could that be yours?!


Meet Chloe!

This sweet girl is the LIFE of the party and has the energy of a hundred dogs!

Chloe was found in Late September and despite our efforts to locate her owners, she is now is searching for a new furever family! 

Chloe is a medium sized mixed breed, weighing 30 lbs and only 9-10 months old.  This little spit-fire has lots of energy and can play for hours on end. She loves toys, balls are her favorite, and getting lots of attention. Chloe gets along great with other dogs and we believe she'd do just fine with cats. 

Chloe is a water dog and LOVES playing in water and being sprayed with the water hose. Her new potential family should either being active or have another young playful dog to wear some of her energy off. Chloe is housebroken and slept well in a crate overnight.

She is a hyper girl and likes jumping and making herself comfy on your furniture and doing zoomies at 100 mph around your home. 

Chloe would benefit with a family willing to spend a little time on training (sit, stay, down) . 

Chloe is up to date on vaccines, microchipped and scheduled to be spayed soon!