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We are always in need of foster families! 

Pooches in Pines is extremely limited in the number of animals we can intake at one time. Having foster families allows us the ability to help more lost dogs in our city and also keeps the dogs from being sent to Animal Control. 

We provide the food, veterinary care, and any supplies needed to our fosters. We only ask that you supply a loving home for your temporary guest until they are reunited with their owner or adopted. 

We also offer Community Service Hours to any young student who wishes to foster!

If interested, please fill out an application
HERE or contact us HERE for more information!

Thank you for your support of Pooches in Pines and our fur babies!



A Poem to my Foster Dog

I am the bridge between what was and what can be.
I am the pathway to a new life.
I am made of mush,
Because my heart melted when I saw you,
Matted and sore, limping, depressed,
Lonely, unwanted, afraid to love.
For one little time you are mine.
I will feed you with my own hand 
I will love you with my whole heart 
I will make you whole.
I am made of steel.
Because when the time comes,
When you are well, and sleek,
When your eyes shine,
And your tail wags with joy
Then comes the hard part.
I will let you go -- not without a tear,
But without a regret.
For you are safe forever -
A new dog needs me now.

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